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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

At Florence Neurosurgery & Spine at McLeod Health we provide an individualized plan of care that strives to reduce pain and restore function, while focusing on recovery and rehabilitation. We emphasize patient education and injury prevention. By coordinating directly with our neurosurgeons and spine care specialists, we help our patients find a more functional way of life.

Evaluation and Treatment

Our licensed physical therapy team works closely with the physicians of Florence Neurosurgery and Spine at McLeod Health to coordinate care and maximize recovery. Florence Neurosurgery and Spine at McLeod Health physical therapy also accepts outside referrals from other local physicians and providers.

Establishing a Plan of Care

At your first physical therapy appointment an individualized evaluation is performed by the physical therapist to establish plan of care and determine which activities are painful or difficult for the patient. The therapist will discuss with the patient what they would like to be able to accomplish while participating in therapy. Patients are also educated at follow up visits on therapeutic exercises to work on strengthening and flexibility.

Follow up Treatments

Follow up visits/treatments will be performed by licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistants. Follow up visits will work on reaching patient's goals, improving patient's strength and mobility, as well as aiding in decreasing patient's pain. One of the main goals of physical therapy is to work toward the patient being able to independently perform a home exercise program and maintain the current progress that was obtained while under formal physical therapy treatment.

Meet our Staff

Liz Moore-Price, MPT

University of South Carolina 
Medical University of South Carolina

Tulsi Patel, DPT

University of South Carolina
A.T. Still University

Lynsey Cook PTA

Greenville Technical College

Your first visit?

New patients should arrive 15 minutes early for paper work to be completed. Patient should bring photo ID, insurance card and an updated list of current medications. If being referred from an outside office please bring prescription for physical therapy treatment. If you need to cancel your appointment or will be late, please call us. We will gladly reschedule. Proper notification allow us to ensure that all patients are getting access to the therapists.

Please call (843) 664-8828 for an appointment.

Our Physical Therapy Services

Individualized Programs

Gait Training

Manual Therapy

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